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  • Chiharu Kuronuma

The Tempting Fruit (Nov, 2016)

I've heard about the magical fruits which is called "The Tempting Fruits" in the book. I just want it and go outside look for it as small adventure. I want to eat it. I want my mom to eat it and be health. I just run run run run and finally ...


企画: KAFY

作曲: 仁賀 智之

振付、演出、ダンス: 黒沼 千春

会場: 国立音楽院

Production: KAFY

Composed: Tomoyuki NIga

Directed, Choreographed and Performed by Chiharu Kuronuma

Venue: Concert Stage in Kunitachi Music Academy, Tokyo, Japan


振付、演出、ダンス: 片野 翠 , 黒沼 千春

照明: 片野 翠 , 黒沼 千春

歌: 宮原瑛美

音楽: Joas Cardoso, Yuki Cardoso

Whole this event

Directed, Choreographed and danced by Akira Katano, Chiharu Kuronuma

Lighting: Akira Katano, Chiharu Kuronuma

Singing: Emi Miyahara

Music: Joas Cardoso, Yuki Cardoso


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