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  • Chiharu Kuronuma

The Real Me - Sounds of nowhere (Aug, 2016)

Pretending to be a strong women with dressing gorgeous wear during the daytime. To dress wear is same as armored to protect myself from the something attack. After getting back to my home, I take off all of clothes and realised I am so weak one, but, started feel free to do something more than outside...


Sounds of Nowhere

演出: 張 舒婷 (愛子)

振付、ダンス: 黒沼 千春

企画:臺北市政府、非永久建設、張舒婷 (愛子)

劇場:Woolloomooloo Ximenting (台北フリンジフェスティバル 2016), 台湾

Sounds of Nowhere

Directed: Aiko

Choreographed and Performed by Chiharu Kuronuma

Production: Taipei city government, Sounds of Nowhere, Aiko

Venue: Woolloomooloo Ximenting (Thaipei Fringe Festival 2016), Taiwan


All of CAST and STAFFS of this project

張舒婷 鐘孟君 洪瑋翎 李悅 劉彥君 黒沼千春 Firdaws Fourcroy Christian Samuel Luke Bullen Paulina Lenoir Salomé Bazin George Rae Elzbieta Pamela Szota 洪暐婷 林靜宜 葉薰蔚 ...等等

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Festival Web SIte:

Performed and Choreographed by Chiharu Kuronuma Directed by Shu-Ting Chan

Venue: Woolloomooloo Out West, Taipei, Taiwan  Taipei Fringe Festival 2016


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