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  • Chiharu Kuronuma

I/O 「Verse」in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

I/O Multimedia Performance Company presents new show will be on-demand in #EdFringe2023 as a part of C ARTS.

On-demand: 4 - 28 of August 2023.


A double-bill of two contrasting pieces: In/visible from calligrapher and choreographer Chiharu Kuronuma, and Tranquilizer from juggler Teruki Okamoto. Chiharu Kuronuma has developed a theoretical framework for integrating 2D calligraphy into a 3D bodily expression by employing aspects of the Laban Movement Analysis. Asian Arts Award winner Teruki Okamoto has been working on the discovery of the Principle of Motion. Together they investigate choreography as a part of a research process that unites dance and juggling with perspectives of calligraphy and digital programming.


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