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私は、引き続き、書道とダンスの融合作品「点 x 線 Dots x Lines」の第5弾を、岡本さんはジャグリングをベースにした視点でものと人との間の運動原理に迫る作品を、それぞれ2作品ずつ、計4作品を発表します。







2.13 Sat 14:00 - 16:00

14 Sun 13:00 - 14:00

上演時間 約60分 (2/13のみ...作品プレゼンテーション:終演後60分)





2. アーカイブ付き:1500円

3. アーカイブ無し:1000円

4. TPAM会員 (アーカイブ付き):1000円

5. アーカイブ・WSチケット付き:4000円



I’m happy to announce my next performance” I/O” on 13-14th of Feb, in TPAM 2021.

This performance is made by two choreographers Me and Teruki Okamoto (juggler & Programmer). We will present two of each performance in approx. 60mins for the online live platform. 

If someone is interested in our performance, please check the following website and a short introduction movie. 

□ Book ticket and more info ↓

□ Introduction movie↓


A double bill: Chiharu Kuronuma & Teruki OKAMOTO

Kuronuma is known as both a choreographer and a calligrapher. She developed a theoretical framework for integrating 2D calligraphy into a 3D bodily expression by employing aspects of the Laban Movement Analysis. 

Okamoto is a juggler and choreographer and was awarded in an international competition.

He has been working on the discovery of the "Principle of Motion" through his juggling perspective. Both use choreography as part of a research process that unites dance with another perspective.


2.13 Sat 14:00 (JST)

2.14 Sun 13:00 (JST)

*Run time: Approx. 60 mins

*The doors will be opened around 30mins before.

*The Performer's presentation will be held after the performance on the 13th of Feb (Approx. 1 hour).


2. With Archive: 1500 JPY

3. Without Archive


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