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「I/O」 エジンバラフリンジ(イギリス)出展のお知らせ

(English follows)

イギリスのエディンバラ フリンジフェスティバル始まりました!ジャグラー・メディアアーティストの岡本さんとダブルビルの映像作品「I/O」を出展しているので、お時間ございましたら是非ご覧下さい!





- Flow/ Gravity (点 x 線 | Dots x Lines)


- Coordinated Distance/ A part of empties





We are delighted to announce that our digital performances will be on C digital at C venues at the Edinburgh fringe.

〈 What is I/O 〉

A double-bill of two pieces, one from calligrapher and choreographer Chiharu Kuronuma and one from juggler Teruki Okamoto. They investigate choreography as a part of a research process that unites dance and juggling with calligraphy and digital programming.

〈Ticket information 〉

◆Open the doors:

Between 6th and 30th of August, 2021.

(Soft launch has started since 2nd of August at C venues)


Chiharu Kuronuma

- Flow/ Gravity (Dots x Lines)

Teruki Okamoto

- Coordinated Distance/ A part of empties

◆Ticket Booking:

<The direct link to our page below>

◆Web pamphlet for our shows:


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